Monday, April 04, 2005

A New Friend

Well, it's been about a month since Blue died. We still miss him very much.
Soon there may be a new man in my life. He's black. Yes... that's right.
He has the most beautiful eyes!
Did I mention he's part Shepherd and Aussie Cattle dog?
No it's not like that.

We're going to get our butts on the ferry on Wed. and go meet him. He's just a baby, so maybe we have a chance of him getting along with the cats... though Zorro is hard to get along with.

We're all crossing our fingers.

He'd better not pee in my room.

On a few other notes...


Band practice last night was good. The jam space was good, the room was good, the view was good. The music was good, the green light column in the corner behind my bass amp was good. Very good.

Hopefully the singers we audition on Saturday will be good.

Hopefully they're gooder than my English skills.


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