Thursday, April 14, 2005

This is the new guy! His favorite foods are Kleenex and wrappers from granola bars, he enjoys long romps around the back yard, and chewing table legs. Some of his favorite things to steal are bras, socks (obviously), oven mitts, and my favorite, scissors.
He's pretty smart though, he learned how to play fetch the other day in about 2 minutes. He still hasn't figured out how to pee like a boy though, but we're all crossing our fingers.
He'll try and sit in your lap if you let him, which is nice I guess except for the fact that he's NOT a little dog, and he can't really fit into anyone's lap I know.
Nobody has been humped yet so that's good. We were a little worried that (because the SPCA website said he was affectionate) he would be a humper.

Enough about Socks lets talk about me.
They suck.
Sociology 328: I made up some of my answers. They're not even close.
Psych 205: I'm studying for it starting in about 5 minutes. That one should be OK.
The other ones: I'm not even thinking about those today.

Off to study.... I'm trying to pretend I'm responsible.



At 5:17 AM, Blogger Danah said...

nice poise there!


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